An open protocol for building social Web applications.

Part of the Beaker browser project.

Unwalled.Garden is a kind of “Souped up RSS.” Every user has a website, they publish their content as files, and they subscribe to each others’ sites.
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import {posts, follows} from 'dat://unwalled.garden/index.js'

await follows.add('dat://beakerbrowser.com')
await posts.add('Hello, world!')

 The API wraps the filesystem
 to provide an easy-to-use interface.


How does unwalled.garden work?

Read the explainer here.

How can I use unwalled.garden?

Unwalled.Garden is being implemented in the upcoming Beaker Browser 0.9 release.

Can unwalled.garden be used with HTTP?

There are no technical barriers to using HTTP, but we haven't completed that implementation yet. We currently use the Dat protocol because it allows users to publish websites from their own device using p2p networking.

Can I use my own schemas?

Schemas are identified by URLs and so it will be possible for other namespaces to interoperate with unwalled.garden.

Can I add schemas to Unwalled.Garden?

You can request new schemas and debate existing ones at the Github Repo.