Status: DRAFT. Part of the upcoming Beaker Browser 0.9 release.

Refs directory unwalled.garden/dir/refs


The “Refs” directory contains mounts to referenced Dat sites.

The follows folder is used by the follows record as a way to give fast access to the dat.json of followed users.

The authored folder acts as a listing of sites published by a person. Readers can create a list of published sites by reading the dat.json of each mounted dat. (There is no JSON record of authored sites; just this .refs directory.)

The authors folder lists the authors of a non-person site.

Readers should confirm authorship of sites by looking for the bidirectional authors/authored mounts: the author will be mounted in the .ref/authors of the site, while the site will be listed in the .ref/authored of the author. If this bidirectional mount does not exist, no authorship information should be displayed to the user as it might be a false claim of authorship.

The names of the mounts in the .ref folders can be user-friendly shortnames. Readers should read the mount target field to find specific sites.

File structure

Path Description
/.refs/follows/* Mounts pointing to all followed sites.
/.refs/authored/* Mounts pointing to all published sites.
/.refs/authors/* Mounts pointing to the authors of a site.