Status: DRAFT. Part of the upcoming Beaker Browser 0.9 release.

How does Unwalled.Garden work?

Unwalled.Garden is a kind of “Souped up RSS.” Every user has a website, they publish their content as files, and they subscribe to each others’ sites.

While RSS was primarily for blogging, Unwalled.Garden includes data types for many kinds of use-cases. These data types are spread across many JSON files which have pre-defined schemas.

The schemas are simple, obvious, and syntax-free. A “post” record looks like this:

  "type": "unwalled.garden/post",
  "body": "Hello, world!",
  "createdAt": "2019-05-21T21:27:45.471Z"

We identify the types using URLs such as:

All files are placed at predefined paths. An example site might look like this:

URL Type
dat://bob.com Person
dat://bob.com/.data/unwalled.garden Data directory
dat://bob.com/.data/unwalled.garden/posts/hello.json Post
dat://bob.com/.data/unwalled.garden/reactions/1.json Reaction
dat://bob.com/.data/unwalled.garden/comments/1.json Comment

This site identifies as a Person and it includes a Post, Reaction, and Comment. A reader will crawl the website looking for these files to sync into its local database.

Unwalled.Garden is built for the Dat protocol. Read an introduction primer here.